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Advanced Repiping Services In Brazoria County areas


RePiping Cast Iron Pipes in Homes - The PlumberThe Plumber provides the most comprehensive and repipe service (pipe replacement) for any size project.  We are a leader in the Brazoria  and Harris County areas in pipe rehabilitation.

Repiping Homes Houston down to the ocean- OverallPlumber.comDo you know what re-piping is?  A repipe in a single family home is a the replacement of any existing water distribution system.  This replacement begins at the point of origin of a problem pipe located between interior and exterior pipes and the termination point at each fixture.

We offer a turnkey plumbing job which includes the full replacement if needed of all stop valves, pipe fittings and supply lines.  We also replace the drywall we extract to reach the pipelines or the area used to install new bypass pipelines.  This is a very non-invasive procedure which includes computerized paint matching, patching, texturing and painting of ceiling and affected areas.

Do you wonder why you may need Pipe Replacement service?

  • Do you have leaks in your plumbing or have you had leaks?
  • Do you have old galvanized, polybutylene or copper pipes within your home?
  • Do you have water that is low pressured?
  • Do you have any slab leaks?
  • Is your water yellow or rust colored?
  • Are your sinks, toilets or tubs stained with a bluish or reddish color?
  • Would you like to prevent the above problems from happening?

If your answer was yes to any of the questions asked, consider a repipe as a permanent solution to remedy a defective pipe system.  Polybutylene is one of the more common reasons for leaks.  In addition, polybutylene causes a decrease in your property value.  If your pipes are copper or galvanized or you have other strange plumbing issues arising, it could be that your pipes are corroded.

How long does repiping take?  Typically, a single family home can be repiped in about 1-3 days and not exceeding 5 days.  There will be a minimal interruption of your water service.  The Plumber will provide you with the highest level of customer care while repiping by covering and protecting your furniture or other important objects inside your home.  We will ensure your personal property is fully protected from water and/or debris.  This makes job clean up so much easier.

We determine the location and routing of the pipes for each residence.  We use Flowguard Gold CPVC, Aquapex and Copper for all of our repiping jobs.  After your pipes have been replaced, each access point in your drywall or ceiling is then re-textured, patched as well as painted.  Our trained specialists at The Plumber complete the work and provide peace of mind.

We know there are only a few Brazoria County based Plumbers experienced at full repiping.  The Plumber and all specialists employed are truly the real experts as plumbers doing repiping in Brazoria County.  We can assure you that our work is guaranteed.  Check our reviews as time permits.    CALL 979-665-4150