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Get Your Gas Line Tested and Inspected


gas line replacement and inspectionHave you had your gas line tested?  Gas line building codes have changed?  For example, many home ovens were operated by pilot lights years ago.  With today’s technology, automatic igniters now ignite ovens.  This causes the gas system to be more exposed to being energized by electricity.  This is a BIG hazard.  Many homes have gas systems that are not bonded to the actual electrical grounding system.  A standard inspection would fail this and demand repair on it as well.  By testing your home’s gas pipes, you can steer clear of this happening.
Another gas line hazard is rusty gas lines leading to property damage or fires.  A regular inspection would find rusty pipes.  After finding the rusty pipes, you would be told to get this repaired.  A rusty gas line above ground is usually the gas company’s full responsibility.  We may have to help them remember..

The minimum requirements for gas line repair are as followed:

  • The gas line inspector will report and inspect any need of repair in the type and condition of visible and accessible gas piping.
  • Gas lines will be tested by utilizing an industry acceptable procedure type.
  • Gas line specifications are checked.

The Plumber is highly experienced in natural gas and propane gas line repair and testing procedures.

When natural gas is properly maintained and installed, it is safe.  As the system ages, fittings and plumbing materials can deteriorate and lead to a natural gas leak.  This can be very HAZARDOUS to your life and property.  When building materials and foundations shift, this contributes to a possible slab leak in your natural gas line as well as your plumbing system.  The pilot light cannot tell if there is a leak but will ignite gas vapors.

Gas leak detection, Gas line repairAny time your gas service has been tagged, pulled, discontinued or plugged, a gas test is a must.  The gas company will not restore services until a gas inspection has been completed.  The test must be completed by a licensed plumber.  The Plumber is licensed and certified in gas line testing.

The Plumber will test your gas line by installing a calibrated gauge while applying appropriate amount of pressure.  We have the permit required by the state of Texas to perform a gas test.  Unlike what many think, you do not need to call a gas company, you need to call The Plumber.

If we detect a gas leak you will need a gas line replacement.  After our inspection, your gas company provider will be called to re-install your gas meter if it has been uninstalled.  Gas service will be reactivated and you can get back to life normally.  Call The Plumber and we will ensure your gas line resolution is smooth and uncomplicated.  During the entire gas leak detection process, we will keep you updated on any of our findings.  We’re here to find your gas line leak so that neither you nor your loved ones are harmed.

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