Brazoria County Auger Service To Unclog Your Lines

Auger Service (Root Removal Cracked Pipes), Utility Piping Installation & Plumbing Repair Service 


Having a clogged sewer is any homeowner’s very worst nightmare.  When a toilet, sink, shower or bathtub is backed up, we are here to provide you with tree root removal in the Brazoria County and surrounding areas.

Typically when we arrive for tree root removal, we find that the tree’s roots have infiltrated into the sewer pipe.  We can repair this by inserting a cutting device into your sewer line to remove roots.  The Plumber will remove the tree roots in a timely manner to resolve this issue for you.

Brazoria County Auger Service To Unclog Your Lines

Brazoria County Auger Service To Unclog Your LinesWe offer auger service to unclog your lines.  The auger is a device made of coiled metal with a space between the coils at the end.  One end of the auger has a crank which rotates the wire as it is moving down the pipe.  The Plumber will clear your drain with the auger and remove the object causing the clog.  We utilize the best tools to get the job done right the first time.  You don’t have to second guess our pricing as The Plumber knows an honest price is the right thing to do.

Install, Repair Utilities Lines and more!

Are you in need of your site utilities installed?  The Plumber is your choice for a utility contractor with exceptional capabilities of installing storm drains, utilities, sewer lines, storm drains, water lines, sanitation lines, manholes and lift stations.  No matter what your plumbing installation needs are, we can provide you with reliable service.

If you need a line coming in or out, we can assist you by servicing your existing utility.  We have the necessary capabilities to tie into and excavate your water system by tying in the lines.

The Plumber also installs gas lines to gas meters.  Many people are under the wrong assumption that they need to call a gas company for this.  We can actually do more than a gas company can in regards to your gas lines so if you need work on your gas lines, call us today.  Also, if you smell any gas or think you may have a gas leak in your home; quickly evacuate your home for safety and call to have your gas lines investigated.

The Plumber is highly trained in major plumbing utilities.  Here are some of our service capabilities:

  • Chilled Water Site Utility. We can install your distribution plumbing for underground chilled water necessary for any climate controlled environment.
  • Steam Site Utility. The Plumber is specialized in delivering high pressure steam in underground utility steam lines or tunnels utilized for climate controlled environments or HVAC purposes.
  • Sewer Site Utility. We can maintain, repair and install any sewer mains and lines.
  • Water Site Utility. The Plumber can install and design your water supply system for domestic potable and fire systems.
  • Natural Gas Utility. We are able to install and design meters and distribution systems for natural gas lines. This will ensure your natural gas is distributed from a 450 PSI supply point to the point of service termination.

Call The Plumber is you need any site utility plumbing service in Brazoria County area.  We are dedicated to ensuring your site utilities are done right.

Brazoria County Auger Service To Unclog Your Lines